Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In Memory of Cecilia

As you may have heard already, we lost a dear member of our community on Saturday. Cecilia (31 years old and mother of 4) died early Saturday morning on her way to work. Her husband and son left the house around 4:30 a.m. to drive her to her housecleaning job near Pacific Palisades. At 4:40 a.m. a drunk driver hit the side of their van at Beverly and Fairfax and sent the car spinning. Cecilia was sitting in the back of the van and flew out of the car and landed on the sidewalk and died a few minutes later. Alexis (her 11 year old son) was very brave and tried his best to save his mom (checking her pulse and giving her mouth-to-mouth). Alexis also helped get his father, Froilan, out of the car as he was injured pretty badly. Froilan spent one night at Cedars-Sinai and was released the next day. He is now recovering at his sister's house which is close to their apartment in Hollywood.

Cecilia and her husband are undocumented and are what our country would call "illegal" even though they have been living and working here in the U.S. for over 17 years. Froilan doesn't have a license and is unsure about what will happen to him through this whole investigation.
Needless to say, the children and family are very worried and frightened.

Cecilia's four children are doing the best they can right now and are being an amazing support system for each other. Alicia (14) is the oldest of the four and is a freshman at Fairfax High School. Wendy (13) is a 7th grader at Bancroft Middle School. Alexis (11) is a 6th grader
at Bancroft Middle School. And baby Arelli is a year and a half.

I ask that you please keep this family in your prayers. We are planning on having an informal gathering this Friday at the Community House at 6:30 to remember Cecilia and to pray for her family. Please feel free to come if you are able to attend.

The family is also in need of financial help. Froilan has been unable to find work for months now and Cecilia was the only one in the family that was working. As you know, funerals are very expensive and they also have rent that is going to be due in the months ahead while Froilan is recovering. If you are able to give and feel led to give, please contact me as I am in close contact with the family. If you're not able to give financially, but would still like to help, the family would appreciate any meals or bags of groceries.

Cecilia has been a part of my life since I was a city dweller and her family has always been very special. We've spent almost every Thanksgiving together, every birthday together, and I was Alicia, Wendy's and Alexis' teacher at Vine Street Elementary. She was an active parent through the HUP years and has been involved with the Lord's Lighthouse for years. Her faith was very strong. She lived her life with sincere integrity and sacrifice.

Thank you for keeping this family close to your prayers.
Love, Becky

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