Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Homegirl Cafe'

By Krista Dutt, National Program Director
I grew up thinking that I would end up being the white house chef. President George W. Bush named the first woman to the post right around the time that I figure I might have been ready to take the position actually. Most that know me know that I am a foodie, most things don’t make me as happy as being in the kitchen or trying a new hole in the wall place that I have come across in my own city or as I travel.
Now, I have the honor to visit ministries and see the good work that they are doing for the neighborhood in which they reside as well the greater Kingdom work that these ministries inspire. On my recent trip to Los Angeles, my passions collided at Homegirl Café.
In my understanding, Homeboy-industries, Homegirl Café’s parent, was born out of a priest’s wanting to bring something to the community for the young people that offered a job that was not dealing drugs. Offering a secure job and a safe place, Homeboy Industries has reached out to many young people along the way. Homegirl Café is the newest addition to the many programs they offer. Teaching young people accounting, waitressing, food preparation, and managing skills are all a huge part of the process at Homegirl. I would want to go there just to support that mission! On the other hand, to go there and not have the pineapple guacamole would just be a shame.
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