Monday, April 5, 2010

Its more than money

DOOR Hollywood member Mark Horvath’s recent addition to Huffington Post Imagine Dropping Off your Grandmother to Sleep on the Street provides more than a story, but with a challenge. “Housing alone will not cure homelessness. We must also be community conscious. Elaine would rather live on the streets where she has social contact with people she knows than be housed in a different part of town.”
I agree whole-heartedly. And yet, I wish it was as easy as throwing money at the issue. Building community conscious is harder.
But, community conscious doesn’t take money….so we can’t use that excuse of “if we only had the money…”. What can I do today that makes me more mindful of my community? How can I make my city more aware of being community conscious? What about you?
I dream of a world that is community conscious.

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