Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My freshman year of college I took Congregational Worship, an elective course. We learned about many things, but I got wrapped up in theology of space. What does our space say about our theology? What should our theology speak into our space? As I travel around the DOOR network, I am drawn to look churches in this way. I find it fascinating and also very important.

This morning, I participated with a Discover team at Oakleaf Farm, a farm run by Berea Mennonite Church, a partner church of DOOR Atlanta. Oakleaf Farm is actually in the yard of Berea Mennonite. I learned that the church has been trying to decide how to use its space for awhile now, and this idea of having a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm was born out of that process. In the front, back, and side yards of this church there are rows of vegetables in which 10% goes to the community free of charge and much of the rest is purchased by getting a share in the CSA.

This redefines the theology of space for me. Its not just the chapel, the fellowship hall and the Sunday School rooms, but also how we use all our space, including the yard. May we continue to figure out new ways to use the space around us to live out what we believe!

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