Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh look at the pretty buildings :)

Chicago – it’s the city that invented the skyscraper, it’s the city that has declared that the all lake front property should be free and public land. The Chicago Architecture Foundation recently unveiled a model of the city with all the skyscrapers and other buildings from Roosevelt St to Oak St. I admit I am a sucker for such things and I will make sure I go see it soon. If you would like to get a tour yourself, yochicago has produced a YouTube video that can be found here.
Even though it is on my to do list to go see, it is not a true representation of the city that I love. Buildings are cool, skylines make me smile deeply…but really, people are the reason I love the city. Plus, the buildings that really mean something to me, due to the experiences I have had there, are not in the city core, as the tour guide on the YouTube names downtown. Instead, they are in the neighborhoods, specifically for me on the West side.
If you want to come to DOOR to find out more about the tourist sides of town, maybe you should rethink that trip. DOOR wants to show you the parts of the city that we love, the neighborhoods and the people. May we all see the face of God in the city again this summer.

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