Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Help" Homeless

I admit that I am a bit of a blog junkie – its where I get news, opinions, cooking ideas and even comics. One way, I keep learning about my city is blogs. This morning, I read this blog -

Reading the text and the comments outlines an interesting debate about how people look at things differently. The alderman (who in other places might be called a councilperson) has started a program to “help” homeless folks by going into the parks and when coming across someone who is assumed homeless letting them know about services that can be provided and a reminder that folks are not allowed to sleep in the park. Is this really helpful? A writer on the blog wrote as if this was a true service, and many commenters believe that it is a disservice.

I am solidly in the camp of the many commenters thinking this is a disservice and a way for the alderwoman and men to usher people they would rather have hidden into hiding. And yet, I understand how this can be understood as a way to help. Many times, “help” is help to some and harm for others. What are some things that could be seen in both ways in your home area?

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