Sunday, February 7, 2010

Interesting charity studies

This evening, I came across an interesting, yet a bit dated, study of non-profits.

The study is entitled 2008 Metro Market Study. This study was following the financial practices of non-profits regionally. The short conclusion was:

"Our analysis, completed in May of 2008, demonstrated that the financial behavior of America's largest charities is influenced by the metropolitan market within which the charity operates. For example, Charity Navigator proved that charities in Colorado Springs have the least amount of rainy day funds. This is due to the fact that Colorado Springs has the highest concentration of religious groups, which tend to maintain relatively small amounts of working capital. We also learned that charities in New York City, where the cost of living is higher than just about anywhere else in the country, report the highest level of CEO pay."

I found this study interesting and helpful in a number of levels. First, its important to see regional differences and make non-profits a more stable environment for people to work and support. Second, I found their markers of excellent to stretch my vision for how ministries and non-profits should be judged.

How do you judge non-profits? How do you decide to give money?

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