Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My husband and I recently moved things around in our house and now each morning my first glimpse of a new day includes a full view of the highway that is right outside our bedroom. I find myself very aware of the slowed traffic or the lack thereof and it colors my morning conversation. “Oh, I wonder what is going on west of us, it seems to busy for this time.” “Wow, traffic seems lighter than normal.” “We need to leave earlier than usual today.”

I like this about the new arrangement. I think about people in my city basically the minute I open my eyes. If people are late will they get docked in pay? I wonder if the folks have hobbies while waiting in the car? Why do people drive when they can take the CTA?

What if a change of perspective was as easy as moving the furniture? Or maybe shifting one or two things in our life, could move the furniture of our mind and heart just enough to let more understanding in?

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