Sunday, February 14, 2010

What is it about a neighborhood?

I recently read this article about Roger Park, a neighborhood in Chicago, that was published in The New Times.

This article is focused on why you should travel to Rogers Park. And yet, I wished I could rewrite the article to focus not on restaurants but the interesting markers of a truly unique neighborhood.

I would talk about the worshiping community of Living Water Community Church,

just a walk on near by Devon Ave - seeing the sights and sounds of India and also Jewish America,

what about learning about another religion by visiting the International Society of Krishna Consciousness

How about meeting with my friend Peter for a cup of coffee at The Heartland Cafe?

These things aren't the typical things to see on a tourist list...instead they are what I think of doing when I go to Rogers Park that help me see the people and heart of Rogers Park.

Where would you take people in a neighborhood that you appreciate?

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